Ride Report

Alamaden RAT Run 2o18

We woke with a very wet, dismal outlook and the forecast looked like it was set for the day. Thought’s of cancelling the ride were high on the agenda as were the amount of early morning messages to see if it was still a goer. We decided to keep with the plan of a meeting at the shop and seeing who showed up, if anyone. To our surprise there was 28 other bikes that weren’t afraid of a little rain. With enough keen riders at hand we headed up the Kuranda Range and on to Jaques Coffee Plantation where we were greeted with the best home made scones with strawberry jam and fresh cream, not to mention one of the best coffee’s this side of the black stump.After some time to dry out and stretch the gums we made our way on for a 20 minute fuel stop to Dimbulah. Oddly enough that fuel stop meant different things to some people, hence the local pub had some early starters there for an ale. I might add there was a high percentage of kiwis involved. After a refuel we made our way on to Almaden. There was some great open stretches of road out here and some of us made the most of being able to open the throttles a little. All was going well until an oncoming fourby started flashing his headlights at me. I was thinking it was a little unusual to have highway patrol out this way. As we came around a right hander my heart skipped a beat with being waved down by several participants on the ride. Turned out Luke got bored with the road so decided he’d check out the off road capabilities of his Harley. He’d come across a roo perched fair and square in the middle of the lane. In an ABS controlled lock up he ended up taking pretty much a straight line off the road, some 100 metres into the scrub and rocks. How he kept it upright and managed to not catapult from hitting those rocks I’ll never know. A few of us helped push the bike out of the scrub. No damage to bike or rider. We quickly prompted Luke to buy himself a lotto ticket and headed towards the lunch stop at Almaden.We arrived at the Railway Hotel in Almaden for some good old hospitality Outback Style. We were lucky enough to have a great customer and friend Craig Richardson with us today celebrating his birthday. Being the generous big hearted bloke that he is, he’d organised with the pub to shout us all a few rounds. Thank you Craig from everyone there. It was great we could all share your day with you! We had a BBQ lunch, few drinks, few photos and a good catch up with everyone for an hour and a half or so then headed home. I told everyone to wait and we’ll head off in a pack and stop at a little spot 20kms down the road.

20km later we arrived at Lappa Junction where we called into the old Espanol Hotel for a look around and about a million photos were taken. This is an old pub built in 1901 and ceased trading in 1966. It’s a very cool Museum these days and home to a very colourful chap named Yappa from Lappa. What a cool spot and one that you’d ride/drive straight past and not give a thought. From there we headed home and back into the rain. Follow this link for some more history:It was an awesome day despite the weather the numbers were small but the quality was high. Thank you all for coming along. And thank you Craig for your generosity. Hope you enjoyed your birthday ride mate. Feel free to tag or use the photo’s.



Patriot Queensland Poker Run & Bike Show 2018

Patriots Australia Queensland (The Church) Annual Poker Run always a great day and this year was no exception.Patriots know how to make Motorcyclists feel welcome with plenty of good safe off road parking.After arriving at the church we drew our first hand . Only a miserable 6 and an 8 so not much chanceof a Poker Hand for me.Bought ticket and then to the bar and wow the raffles were filling up more than one table. Have to be in that and picked up a few tickets.The ride left and on up Boundrary Road , then up Oakey Flat turning off up Williamson.Lots of twisties and then up over the hill past the cows and some of them had very big horns.But we rode on by they didnt seem to mind the noise.Over the wash and out to Wamuran and through and then to Dag Pub.I have come to the concludion Bikers do not know how to park they were everywhere but They know where their bike is and I guess that is what matters.The guys ran another raffle and this time it was a bottle of Rum . The locals also bought tickets and I am happy to say one of them was lucky. So smiles all round.The publican of Dag Pub donated a bottle to the very worthy cause the Australian PatriotsPoker Run support legacy.Then we were off again this time through Woodford and over the hill on through the twisties towards Peachester . Turning off going up past the Woodlands and on to Landsborough.The ride is great and enjoyable but the people who attend are happy and smiling and always willing to have a joke and a laugh. Taking photos of the riders is easy they stand still and smile.Returning down the highway which was a good run as the traffic was cruising.On our return to the Church the Burgers and Pies and Sausage Rolls were available for a small fee.The the show and shine and all the winners were definitley grinners with their trophies to take home.Raffles lots and lots of raffles I sat there with my tickets willing them to call my numbers but nopeople all around me won and then the guy to the back of us he won. But then I got the last laugh cause one lady at our table won a very large round clock.MMMMmmmm get that on the bike and take back to Ipswich I thought but if you didnt go youmissed one of the best yearly events on the Brisbane Motorcycle Calander.The Australian Patriots of Narabgba (The Church) are amazing hosts , the reason we keep going back as it is a Very enjoyable day and great ride to boot.

Cheers from Jan


Independent Riders Fraser Coast Pub Run 2018

The Pub Run this year was once again a great way to spend a long Weekend.
The Support from Bikers World Geebung Donating Raffles Thank you so very much.
2018 was the fifth Pub Run raising Money for Buy a Bale Supporting Queensland Farmers.
While having a marvelous time along the way.
First Pub stop
The Commercial Hotel Motel Chinchilla
New Furbished sits on the Warrego Highway on the way out of Chinchilla
No noise there the Motel Rooms all refurbished and the Great New Publican shouting the bar and the drunken bikers.
Called into Montys Museum at Glen Morgan
New stop at The Old Crows Nest Hotel new Publican Phil  was a real biker friendly publican
As you will see the bikers really enjoyed themselves.
Great weekend so add this  Pub Ride with Independent Riders both from Fraser Coast and Brisbane Moreton Bay or Capricorn.
Thanks for your Support Queensland Bikers. (Rossy)

2018 Annual Independent Poker Run 

While weather was against us, we still managered a reasonable turnout.   A total of cash and donated goods came to $3900 after expenses. Expenses were $300 band, $354 in prizes, $50 in fuel for Pistol from MACE Widebay, who kindly donated his car and time. Thanks pistol for your time.  Independents absorbed costs of shirt production and patches, so this was not added to expenses. Total expenses. $704. Percentage total to cause. Approximately 85%. Thank you to all who supported the event. A good result.The event that was run on March 10, started at the Tinana Hotel (The Tinnie), with proceeds going towards care packages for Aussie troops deployed overseas.  From the Tinnie we proceeded to the Bruce Highway where we regrouped before heading to Apple Tree Creek Hotel for good company and of course beer.  From Apple Tree Creek we headed to South Kolan Hotel via Wallaville for lunch.  From lunch we headed to Commercial Hotel Cordalba via Cedar Rd (final stop) and after party. Pictures 060 and 061 are goods donated for care packages, a a total of 61 care packages were sent overseas and should be with the troops by ANZAC Day.  Picture 062 are some of the troops we know will be receiving the care packages.   The have passed on their thanks. Independent Riders plan on collecting goods and donations for care packages for the remainder of the year and hope to send a further 20 every couple of months.

Have a great Easter.  Michael


Care Package Ride Independent Riders Brisbane Morton Bay

February 10th 2018

First fund raising ride for Independent Brisbane Morton Bay
Flyers had been distributed and emails sent out.
Speaking to large companies to ask for donations maybe a few goods as stated on the info Sheet.
We were raising money and asking for donations of good listed or a raffle prize.
All raised funds and goods would be sent to our serving Men and Women overseas on deployment.
Redcliffe Chemist Warehouse made a wonderful donation Thank you.
My local corner shop in Nathan Street Brighton donated small calendars  Thank you
Our Breakfast / Lunch  stop on our Sunday ride  Rendezvous in Dayboro   Thank you
Large Food stores donate to others, Motorcycle shops donate to others with one exception.
Victory and Indian Motorcycle shop made excellent voucher donations. Even tried Arnotts after what Aussie does not love TimTams . but alas they also donate to others.
February 10 at BP North riders arrived and in all 26 riders arrived some
riders were from other Motorcycle Social Groups and Clubs Thank you.
Paid their $10 donation and were given in return a lucky ticket.
They were there to help Independent Brisbane Morton Bay Riders raise funds for Care Packages that would be sent by the Army to our fellow men and women serving overseas on
Our ride began on a lovely fine morning and we rode to Landsborough Pub  first lucky ticket
draw and yes one very happy biker won the Rum donated to our cause thank you
The Landsborough.
Riding on to The Dag and the second ticket draw this time a lady rider won “Jack”
but he was in a bottle I might add.  Thank you “The Dag.”
Third stop was The Big Fish and another lucky ticket draw.  The Club Member was a very happy man another bottle of Bourbon. Thank you to the Fish.
Lunch was a great fun affair lots of laughter and pats on back for their wins.
The raffles $380 Voucher for Precision Eyewear. $100 Voucher and $50 Voucher for Motorcycle Gear from Victory Indian Motorcycles
Meal Voucher from Ricks Garage thank you very happy winner.
Independent Brisbane Morton Bay Riders donated a Banner made to the specs of the winner
printed and delivered the club that won the banner very happy.
All up we raised $498  and the parcel of goods have now been delivered to our
founding group of Independent Riders Fraser Coast.
The Packages are being made up as I write this with lollies, magazines, TimTams, Toothpaste personal toiletries, Calender’s, and the list goes on.
But Queensland Motorcyclists did their best and it was a fabulous day and Independent Riders would like to Thank you and look forward to this ride being bigger and better next year
Mark it in you calendar  SECOND WEEK IN FEBRUARY 2019
Barman and Mrs C
Independent Riders Brisbane Morton Bay
contact 0408 744 219


God’s Squad CMC  Brisbane’s  22 Annual Memorial Ride

Last Saturday We held Our 22nd Annual Memorial Ride , it is a day we look forward to , as it reminds us of friends departed too early and gives us a chance to catch up , ride with and appreciate friends that are still with us.As usual we started the day with a bbq breakfast loving prepared by our Noms and Associates. Fortunately we had 5 of these guys visiting  from NSW Chapters so with about 12 of these guys working  , the taking of money , serving of drinks , cooking and cleaning this all went very smoothly.Next we read a list of the Departed , it always strikes me as strange when I hear there names read out loud , particularly those I knew well and those who had visited our clubhouse. It was great to see the support from so many Clubs and Solo Riders , as we gathered together to remember fallen friends. We had to change the first part of the ride due to an accident on the Centenary Highway with a fatality, road closed both directions apparently, also there was a mix up over lunch, the Caterers we thought we had booked (well it turns out we didn’t) and there was an a slight detour to the correct pub for lunch . We are hoping these last minute changes were not  too obvious.We had 120 bikes this year , which was a great turnout , we travelled to Roadvale , then Beaudesert  and finished the day at the Vets Clubhouse for Dirty Love 4 !! All in all  it was a great day of riding with mates on a beautiful sunny day .

God Bless

Whitey GSCMC Brisbane



Squad’s Bikes and Rods Show

Last month God’s Squad CMC in conjunction with Rod Squad Christian Hot Rod Club hosted our first Bike and Hot Rod Show. I have to admit the morning of the show , when we were setting up I was a little nervous . I was hoping (and Praying obviously) that people would show up !!But , on the fine and mild winters afternoon , the rumble of V8’s and V Twins could be heard approaching Our Park Ridge Clubhouse.It was going to be a great day !!The Hot Rods were stunning , dozens of them and 100 plus bikes all on show on a beautiful sunny afternoon. 300 people wandered around admiring these vehicles while listening to hits from the 60’s and 70’s and generally having a great day catching up with , and making new friends. These was a Pizza van , a Coffee van , and another van selling possibly the best ribs I have eaten. Our Mate Rossy had a Queensland Bikers stand , and Naz , of Naz Bags had her stall there and kindly donated a tool roll for our lucky door prize. Much appreciated Naz , Thank you.From all the feed back we received everyone had a great day , so much so we are already planning our next one , some time in the first half of 2018.We would like to thank everyone who supported this event , so watch Queensland Bikers web page and God’s Squad CMC Brisbane FB page for details on the next one !!

God Bless

Whitey  GSCMC Brisbane


Sisters On Steel South Coast Brisbane SMC

Sisters On Steel South Coast Brisbane SMC Chapter charity ride report A huge thanks to all who braved the fog and chill to arrive at the Nudgee Shell service station by 8.30 am to register and join us on our first charity ride fund raiser event for The Sanctuary, woman, childrens and pet refuge. Many travelled from the Gold Coast, Ipswich and beyond. Stands up at 8.30, approximately 70 bikes lined up for our ride to begin. Our corner markers, Breakfree Smc, headed off to be in position when the pack came through, great job guys. Travelled north on the M1, how good it was to see so many bikes following behind, and in to old petrie town where the pack pulled up to regroup past all the traffic lights and round abouts. On the road again heading toward Dayboro and onto Mt Mee rd. Through all the Twisties and turns on the range. Great fun. Thanks ruth, one of our corner markers, for capturing footage of us riding through D’Aguila. We made into Woodford with our first stop, toilet, coffee break. We had the pleasure of meeting up with another Sister, Daisy and friend Sharon, who popped in to say hello and give us some words of support. Craig from wanderin Westies rides ahead to capture the pack on video. Good job. Stands up, tail end charlie heads out to block the road to gets us all out in a group, great work Craig, heading toward Kilcoy for our next stop to refuel for the next leg. Unfortunately, upon leaving the fuel station, we hit our first hiccup, unknowingly. The pack headed off towards esk along the Esk-Kilcoy rd. Glorious views over Somerset dam as we headed up the range with more twisty turns. We all took it easy as the roads were still wet in places. Thankyou Wayne for capturing more footage of the pack in motion, I know you enjoyed the little blatt past us all. Just one incident from an experienced rider, luckily, her bike hit a rather large bump, got the wobbles up and almost lost her balance. Fortunately she managed to recover, thank goodness. Stopping in Esk for a leg stretch, realizing someone was missing. Simone, founder of our charity was somehow overlooked when leaving the fuel stop, with her bike having starting issues. Knowing Simone was on her way to Esk now and ok, we headed off for the last leg to Coominya, Bellevue hotel for lunch. Our support vehicle and Tail end charlie stayed behind to wait for Simone. Arriving at the pub in Coominya at 12.30pm for lunch, we all lined up, over 70 people. The food was delicious, great service as most of us received our meals in very good time. Simone, the support vehicle and Craig finally arrived to join us, after taking a few wrong turns. Thanks guys and so sorry. The raffles were drawn, congrats to the winners, sorry Ruth, we all knew how many tickets you bought to win the tattoo voucher. Well done Bellevue Hotel. Great day had by all, many positive comments from the lovely people who supported this event. Thank-you all. Thanks also to Jamie, chapter president, and Anne, chapter vice president, for their hard work and efforts, making this day possible.



Words by Chuck.U.Farley

Once again, Rossy gathered the faithful and took the show on the road to enjoy the freedom that only a motorcycle can provide.

Heralded as another milestone for QLD motorcyclists from everywhere, this was another well organized run, held by Rossy. The man behind the QLD Bikers Website, member of the Saints CMC and all round top bloke. As with last years inaugural run, this years left from the BP roadhouse, North Caboolture at 10.30. A ten dollar donation was asked from each rider/pillion with all the proceeds of the run going to the MRAQ. A very worthy cause and every cent is needed as the guys and gals from this trusted lobby group continue to do the behind the scenes work to ensure our voices as motorcyclists are heard at all the right levels. The temperature was already on the rise, the humidity was through the roof and some dark clouds to the West had more than one rider looking around to see who was going to don the wet weather gear first. The local TV stations had arrived and were looking to do a few random interviews. Some spoke up, others opted to keep to themselves, but I’ll get back to the outcome of that later. With the ride briefing delivered and the days course we would be taking outlined by Rossy, we were soon saddled up and ready to get some breeze on our faces.

The run departed the servo and the three hundred strong pack made it’s way up the M1 and veered left onto the D’Agular highway before turning right to climb the range to Malaney. Once at the top, a quick left had us on some less than favorable roads that saw many an unsuspecting pillion passenger getting some wicked air as they bounced off the saddle, courtesy of a few potholes that would make the surface of the moon look ordinary. Our hard earned road taxes have obviously been spent on other brilliant projects of late, such as tunnels under Brisbane and rental pushbikes in the city, which no one uses because the bloody fees/tolls are way too expensive! What dickhead thought up that idea, I wonder? Anyway, back to the run. The staff at the Kenilworth Hotel were ready and waiting for our arrival and with a 120km first stint under our belts, a cold ale was welcome relief as the riders grabbed a drink or a well priced feed and found some shade to escape the midday heat.

An hour past and it was time to hit the frog and toad after a speech from the president of the MRAQ ,Chris Nean under the shade of the Jacaranda tree at the rear of the pub. From Kenilworth we back tracked until reaching Malaney again and powered straight on down through the twists of the Moololah Forest reserve to the second stop at the Landsborough Hotel. More welcome drinks were had and due to the new Anti Bikie laws, it seemed as though we took the tiny township of Landsborough by surprise. Residents stood on the footpaths and waved and every kid with a pushbike was soon hovering around the pub to check out the big shiny two wheelers that dominated the main drag. The people of Landsborough were over the moon to see the bikers back in town and the cash input into the retail sector a small community such as this is always welcome.

After a quiet drink, a chat and some more cooling shade, we mounted up for the last stint down Steve Urwin Way and back onto the M1 for the farewell stop at the BP servo directly opposite from where we had left off earlier in the day. We gassed up the Heritage, parked up and made our way over to say our goodbyes to our riding companions for what turned out to be another awesome Freedom Run. Rossy was more than happy with the turn out and achieved his goals convincingly. Everyone enjoyed themselves, no one went wheels up during the run and it didn’t rain. What more could you ask for?! Around two and a half grand was raised and donated to the MRAQ which is a bloody good effort by all those who dug deep on the day, well done. Rossy would like to thank everyone who came along for the ride and helped to support the MRAQ. We always enjoy days like these. There’s no pressure, no police road blocks and the general mood is relaxed. Just get on your bike and head for the hills with a good group of people and experience the freedom of our chosen lifestyle. Can’t wait till next years run, see ya then Ozbikers and bring your friends.

Post Script:
As I mentioned in the earlier part of the story, TV crews were on hand to capture the action. Sorry to disappoint the media, but there were no rapes, bashings, shootings or consorting to set up meth labs within the area. We’ll leave that up to the make-believe Bikies in the movies and Sons Of Apathy. Instead, they got a couple of interviews from your average biker who has had a gut full of the impact that Newmans laws have had on friends, family and themselves as a whole. The news aired the story on the QLD Bikers Freedom Run as “Angry Bikers”. Ironically, it was slotted in just after another story about how a Schoolie on the Gold Coast had been king hit and was in an induced coma. My sympathy goes out to that young fella and his family. But why the fuck doesn’t the government ban “Schoolies Week” when they know what a debacle it usually turns out to be. More wasted tax payers money to have the cops baby-sit a shit load of under aged drinkers full of party drugs. They are fully aware of this and yet they still let it go on!?! After the Freedom Run snippet, the next story was how the “tough new bikie laws” were targeting members of “Criminal Bikie Gangs” (I am so fucking sick of hearing those two phrases!) for being involved in security jobs on the Gold Coast. What the fuck? Does he want evryone on the dole? He just axed 20,000 public servants jobs. And . .what criminal bikie gangs? They’re supposedly aren’t any left in QLD?? That’s the law? Isn’t it? I just don’t get it! Thanks to Newman, his goons and the media, Queensland is the laughing stock of this once great FREE country. Every Australian has the right to an opinion and that’s mine. It’s an opinion that is shared by many of us North of the border.