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G’day fellow riders

Thank you my good friend Rossy for asking me to share my motorcycle riding testimony with ya’ll.  My whole life I have been obsessed with motorcycles.  I went off the rails as a teenager, and then was a single mum with two daughters from 25.  I struggled with life and could never get it together long enough to get my licence.  I briefly had a bike around 2004 which was a Kawasaki GPZ 250, but like most things I lost it through some bad decisions. I finally started to get things together in 2010, and in 2014 I met my now husband Macca through motorcycling friends.  My dream was to have my own motorcycle; finally I got my bike licence, and bought a Honda VT 250 Cruiser.  I had only been riding for a few weeks when Macca and I went on a road trip around south east Queensland for four days.  When I had my licence for exactly 12 months and one day, I went back and got my ‘R’ Class licence and had my dream bike in the garage to go home to.  A Harley Davidson!!!  My dream since I was 15 was to go on the back of a Harley Davidson, but now I had my own!   The highlight of owning my first Harley was riding the 883 Sporty from Brisbane to Tasmania and back.  I ride mostly with males on bigger bikes and I rode hard to keep up, and I did good!!  Not long after returning I upgraded to my current bike, a Dyna Superglide Custom.  I absolutely love this bike.

I have really only been riding for 2.5 years, though I have covered thousands and thousands of kilometres on my motorcycle. Some of my highlights include the Putty Road, the Monaro Highway through the Snowy Mountains, Kosciusko Alpine Way, and the goat track down Queen Mary Falls.  The roads in Queensland are notoriously bad, but I love heading west from Brisbane or anywhere really that is out of the city.

Macca has been involved in God’s Squad for over 20 years.  I am a member of a motorcycle group called “Chapter Six”.

 I have organised a ladies ride, and made so many new friends through riding a motorcycle.  The motorcycling community is such a friendly, warm and non-judgemental bunch of men and women.  We don’t just share our passion for motorcycles; we drink gallons of coffee, and have a lot of laughs together.  I don’t think I have ever been hugged so much in my life as I have in the last 3 years!  One day at a time, I hope I will continue to be blessed with many more miles to cover on my motorcycle, in good health, with my Husband and friends. When I ride my motorcycle, I find a deep peace with God, with my-self, and with others…. This is what I have really been searching for my whole life.

Penny McLean





I got my first bike when I was 11 years old, it was a Vespa 150 I believe and cost me $7.00 .At the time it needed a new head gasket so tried replacing with a paper one, obvious fail there 🙂

My next was a Yamaha 50 scooter, I had this for a few months but wrote it off after a head on collision with an XW Falcon that crossed to the wrong side of the road, it was a low speed event but still came out of that with a broken ankle. At 17 my net bike was a Suzuki TM250 I think, then a variety of RD 250’s and 350’s. At 19 I migrated to Australia (Sydney), my first bike here was a Kawasaki Z650.

At 25 I got my Australia citizenship along with a Honda 750 four. At 29 I ended up a single parent with three boys, a 4 year old and twins 9 months old. I stopped riding for a while, more for practical reasons and moved to Brisbane. I didn’t ride again until I was 40 when I purchased a Kawasaki GPX750, the year after that I got a Kawasaki ZX1000. Two years after that progressed to a 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa (1300), I kept this for around four years but during that time also purchased an old Yamaha Midnight Special as well as a CBR250 and a GPX250, so my partner could learn to ride.

Between 2004 and 2011 I did not work on the Fraser Coast and commuted by motorbike each weekend back to the coast from wherever my contract was, this ranged from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and as far north as Rockhampton, during that time it was not unusual for me to clock up 35-40,000k a year on a bike.

I tried my hand a little with trail bikes (unsuccessfully) purchasing a Kawasaki KLR650, then a Suzuki DR600, blew motor on KLRF and ended up selling DR.

Around 2004-2006 started doing charity work, first with Southern Cross FTC as local Chairperson and finally on National Committee as PR Officer/Webmaster. Around 2007 I purchased a VTR1000, this lasted about a year and then bought a Honda 1100 Blackbird, as well as a 900 Vulcan. The Blackbird and Vulcan didn’t last too long and end up getting a 2004 HD VROD, this I kept until late 2015.

Around 2010/11, I purchased another Honda VTR1000 as well as a 1996 4 speed Kawasaki Vulcan. I used this for a couple of years as a commuter bike between Fraser Coast and Brisbane.

In late 2015 I purchased my currentbike, a 2011 Fatboy. With a bit of saving hoping for a second bike again in 2017.




I’ve been riding motorcycles over 50 years. I began in the early ’60’s when I lived in Narrabeen, NSW. My first road bike was a WLA ’42 ex-Army Harley. I rode from Sydney to Cairns with three of my mates in ’67 (no freeways but still a good ride) on roads that weren’t as good as they are today. We carried our own fuel in a tin, because there weren’t too many service stations around. Our accommodation was a tent and sleeping bag, on the side of the road. Over the last 50 years I’ve owned many motorcycles and ridden many roads in Australia and overseas.I moved to live in Qld in ’98 and became a founding member of the Mt Tamborine Historical Motorcycle Assoc. I then rode a ’69 BSA Lightning attending Club rallies and events.My wife and I started the Biker Charity Support Group Inc. Qld in 2013. We also have another BCSG Vic. Together our purpose is to lend support; either by fundraising or charity rides/events, for individuals or families that have been brought to our attention, who are not eligible for Government assistance for their requirements. We are a registered non-profit organisation who gain satisfaction from helping others within our community.

If you are interested in joining any of our events you can find us on facebook.




When my good mate Rossy asked me to jot down a few word as to what being a Queensland biker means to me i thought okay why not!
Being a motorcycle rider in Queensland I feel were blessed with best roads mean at least never a shortage of place to go and usually several ways, of getting there or home ,weather usually perfect and you find the nicest people anywhere. Our freedoms has been hard won and I respect and honor all those who fought or are still fighting to keep the lucky country great.
I fell in love with motorcycling when my dad took us to the drive in in early 1970’s to see “On Any Sunday” at ripe old age of about 7.
I got my first bike and knew that’s what i wanted to do! The camaraderie and life long friends of made thru my time riding bikes has given we a wonderful life.
People come and go over last 40+ years but all my great mates ride or rode. Currently I ride with Easyriders SMC who are out and about almost every weekend at one ride or another. Google our website if want details
So if you see me or my loving wife Snickers come over and say “ Hi” There are a million stories of life on the roads and always happy to have a yarn around a fire, next to water with a cool breeze and a Beer or Bundy in hand .




Batman & Mrs C

Batman nickname was earned when Kev was bitten by a Bat at a Ulyssess BBQ .

Mrs C was earned when I married Batman . Which has been a wonderful life making memories for us both.

“Silver”  our beautiful Yamaha Royal Star Cruiser has just turned over 180 thousand KLMs . Im told that all that has been changed was the regular tyres and service and upgrade of the clutch when we bought the Elite Camper Trailer.

We have ridden the Southern Cross Poker Run since 2006 best fun you will have on a week long ride in the saddle. We camp, so the Trailer has been great it keeps us off the ground. Begins  first week in September every year. Same people run it and they know what they are about.

We have ridden the Rumble Down Under Ride started in Roma down to South Australia and back up through the Alice and Three ways an home  16 days,  8 thousand plus kls.

Rumble Riders went again but this time to Tassie. So off we went again . First stop Tamworth down and over on the Spirit of Tasmania around Tassie and back home.

Terrific Fun. Riding in a group is the best way to go.

People who come up with these ideas are so brave after all they do not know if anyone will arrive to take part.

But us bikers are a family and we love to get together so if you are doing a trip and want a little help call in and happy to share .   eykandi@gmail.com